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Founder and Dress Designer.

Identical twin to Sophie. She is a Gemini and the pursuer of dreams. Amie has worked within the fashion industry as a designer for over a decade and can include designing for Kate Moss and Florence and the Machine amongst her portfolio of clients. She's passionate about the important stuff in life: family, love and honouring what feeds the soul. She's a hippy at heart and wants us all to be in love!

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Contributing Make-up artist and Master of beauty.

She has a deep understanding of inner beauty and it's her joy to share this with you. Twin to Amie, she is the inspiration who saw Fleetwood of London as more than just her wedding dress. She is a lover of the lunar cycle and is renowned for her effortless and stylish beauty looks within the fashion and media industry.



We are a small team, made up of like-minded creatives working collectively to create, inspire and offer a unique take on the bridal industry.

We source, develop, meet with and consult a variety of passionate and skilful human beings that make Fleetwood of London happen. We get excited working with true artisans and we love supporting independent businesses like our own. Fleetwood of London isn't just the founders, it's the collective of people that inspire us, work with us and support us.